Richards Hogg Lindley Hellas Ltd

The well-known insurance company moved to a new office building in 2021. Τhe space was designed and decorated to better represent the company’s values and the needs of its employees.

Light and reflections play a central role in the architectural design. The large side openings allow plenty of light to enter the space, which creates a sense of comfort and rejuvenation. This is further intensified by the use of light-colored and glossy surfaces, as well as with the brightly polished tile used on the floor. The tile enhances the reflections of the fixtures and makes the space even brighter.

Since many of the offices are located in large open spaces, emphasis was placed on improving acoustics by placing sound absorption on the ceiling. This allows employees to focus on their work without loud noises.

Finally, the aesthetics of the space are complemented by artwork and murals inspired by the company’s values, adding color and interest to the space.

Study: Kyriakopoulou Vasiliki & Kyriakopoulou Polytimi
Supervising Engineers: Katerina Nikolakopoulou
Location: Vouliagmeni
Surface Area: 450 m2
Photography: Thanasis Gatos
Construction, Project Managment: ACRM
Date of Construction: 2021
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