Sea Breeze Suites, Nafplio

The twin residences are located in the area of Kantia, very close to Nafplio. They are two autonomous houses for vacation rentals during the summer and winter months.

The architectural design is based on simplicity and comfort, spanning a relatively small surface area. The residences consist of a ground floor with an open living area and kitchen, while the space is maximized with the loft bedroom. The use of neutral earthy colors and simple materials creates a cohesive decor, in harmony with the building’s surroundings. This creates a sense of calm and relaxation for the residents.

For the summer months, the living spaces of the residences are extended outwards to the lush garden surrounding them. Each residence has its own garden and swimming pool, with a pergola and seating area. The harmony between indoor and outdoor space combined with the surrounding landscape offers ideal vacation experiences for guests and residents alike.

Study Team: Leonidas Diamantopoulos, Stavroula Stathokosta
Lead Engineer: Zacharias Zikas
Location: Kantia, Nafplio
Photography: Thanasis Gatos
Construction, Project Management: ACRM
Date of Construction: 2024

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