ACRM was founded in 1978 and specializes in architectural design, construction and project management, while the company is also active in the evaluation of investments in the real estate sector. With experience that spans decades and thanks to the excellent staffing and organization of the company, it is in the position to offer its clients high-quality integrated services with consistency and reliability.

The ACRM team consists of experienced architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, designers, decorators, and other specialists. The expertise and skills of every member of the group collectively contribute to the implementation of the pioneering projects that the company undertakes.

ACRM ensures efficiency and quality at every stage of implementation thanks to the cooperation that characterizes the individual teams, the constant monitoring of each project, as well as the direct and personal communication with clients.

Always looking ahead, the ACRM team keeps up to date and studies current trends and market conditions. Furthermore, it pursues innovation through new construction methods, technological applications and modern materials. In this way, the company implements projects of unique architectural value with a focus on energy efficiency and innovative techniques, successfully making the vision of its clients a reality.


In the decades it has been active, ACRM has served a wide range of private and corporate clients from various sectors.

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